December 23, 2006

On Jay Gibbons wanting a shot to play first base

He hasn't played first base regularly since 2000 and, while expected to be the O's regular first baseman in 2005, he only played 22 games at that position. I doubt he'd hold up at first, and I don't think he's the solution.

I'm willing to give him a shot at first base because I know the O's offseason is pretty much done. The talk of [Craig] Wilson and [Aubrey] Huff, et al., is just that. The king already has two first base options - Gibbons and Kevin Millar. I'm hoping that if he can stay healthy he'll put up 25 HRs and drive in 90 runs, which would make him similar to the other options out there. He is best at DH, assuming he can stay healthy for a change. The Orioles have really done nothing to bring back the casual fan to the park. Gibbons and [Kevin] Millar at first ... who do you write in on your All-Star ballot? Come on, people - all the man said is that he wants to play. He said he isn't going to fuss about it.

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