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The Kickoff

December 19, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

I'll place myself in the minority and praise Kyle Boller for entering in an emergency, throwing for 238 yards and two touchdowns, and posting a quarterback rating of 112.8 - whatever that means.

I'm still waiting for somebody to explain that one to me.

Boller trips over his own feet and stumbles around like Chris Henry leaving a nightclub at 3 a.m. These are his signature moves. But he's also a solid backup, capable at any time of making the big play. It's not his fault that the Ravens used a first-round pick on him.

Would you rather have Derek Anderson replacing Steve McNair in a playoff game? How about that guy in Tampa? Quick, name Peyton Manning's backup in Indianapolis.

Shane Matthews just came out of retirement to join the Dolphins. Anybody seen Danny Wuerffel?

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