Team rankings

Nfl Week

December 17, 2006|By [ Compiled by Tribune Publishing reporters; this week's comments by Don Pierson, Chicago Tribune.]

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

1. Chargers (1)

LaDainian Tomlinson and friends get prime-time exposure.

2. Ravens (5)

Only team to hold the Chargers under 20 points.

3. Bears (3)

Should let Rex Grossman throw to Devin Hester, too.

4. Colts (2)

Need to stop the run before they can stop their skid.

5. Saints (7)

Sean Payton is the NFC Coach of the Year.

6. Patriots (4)

Texans should get them back on track.

7. Jaguars (12)

Playing well despite hard stretch schedule.

8. Cowboys (6)

Loss to Saints was a big step backward.

9. Bengals (9)

Victims of arrested development still alive.

10. Seahawks (8)

Failed to wrap up NFC West on Thursday night.

11. Giants (14)

Can take big wild-card step against Eagles.

12. Eagles (15)

Can Jeff Garcia win three in a row?

13. Jets (13)

Maybe that playoff push isn't so easy.

14. Chiefs (11)

They look like a good non-playoff team again.

15. Broncos (10)

Jay Cutler switch came too late for this year.

16. Falcons (16)

Suddenly showing some life.

17. Titans (17)

Vince Young is comeback king.

18. Dolphins (22)

Someday, somebody will catch the Patriots.

19. Bills (19)

Dick Jauron and Nick Saban jockey for also-ran spot.

20. Panthers (18)

Disappointing all the NFL prognosticators.

21. Steelers (20)

Panthers trip could have been Super Bowl preview.

22. Vikings (23)

They think they're still in the wild-card race.

23. Rams (24)

Sinking ship lost to Cardinals.

24. Packers (27)

Should be able to beat the Lions at Lambeau.

25. 49ers (21)

Closing the gap on Seattle for the future.

26. Redskins (25)

Daniel Snyder planning more offseason spending.

27. Cardinals (30)

Too bad they didn't show up the first three months.

28. Browns (26)

Very little chance to score against Ravens.

29. Texans (28)

Passing on Vince Young and Reggie Bush continues to haunt them.

30. Buccaneers (29)

Bad team not getting better this year.

31. Lions (32)

Hard to be as bad as the Raiders, but they are.

32. Raiders (31)

Hard to believe Randy Moss is still playing.

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