5 Things I Have To Have Now

December 17, 2006|By [MICHELLE DEAL-ZIMMERMAN]

Getting Baltimore's schools back on track is an on-call, on-your-feet, constantly on-the-move kind of job. Which is right on the money for Charlene Cooper Boston. "I attended high school and elementary here. I was a teacher and a principal and grew up in the system. I love it. It's exciting," says Cooper Boston, 62, who lives in Ellicott City. Is there a downside? "I don't get to see my husband very much." And? "I don't have a lot of time to shop." Recess, anyone?

1 Steak dinner at the Capital Grille "With my husband and special friends. We love good food and conversation, and I couldn't do what I do without their love, support and understanding."

2 Shoes from Nordstrom

"As a professional, you're in and out of schools and walking the halls. I visited 60 schools so far this [school] year. So you need comfy shoes, but you need them to look good, too."

3 A new suit

"Something from St. John apparel or Misook. A stylish suit ... in royal blue that wears well, especially for travel."

4 Rolling book bag "The big kind ... to carry around all of my reports and papers and books that I have to read at night."

5. Diamond necklace or dishwasher "My husband says we need a new dishwasher ... one with bells and whistles, but I would rather have a diamond necklace. I want something that sparkles."

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