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December 17, 2006


Abbas calls for elections

In a direct challenge to Hamas, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has called for new presidential and legislative elections. The move comes amid a violent political deadlock that is impoverishing the Palestinian people and pushing them closer to civil war. pg 20a

Hitler, the YouTube cartoon

A mocking video that depicts Adolf Hitler as a ridiculous cartoon character shows how Germans are learning to laugh at a monster from the darkest part of their history. pg 23a


Bill targets heroin addiction

The number of heroin addicts receiving a revolutionary new drug that is safer than methadone could triple under pending federal legislation - a change that health care advocates say could help Baltimore combat addiction. pg 1b

Family feud exits court

A recent court decision to dismiss two siblings from the prominent Baltimore Knott family as representatives of their mother's estate could end the legal battle over millions of dollars that were slated for the family's foundation but were instead donated to various charities. But by most accounts, the family feud will rage on. pg 1b


Asbestos warning to stand

A government warning to mechanics that exposure to asbestos in brakes can cause deadly disease will not be removed from a federal Web site, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has decided not to suspend a scientist who had refused to water down the warning. pg 3a

Episcopal churches split off

As many as eight conservative Episcopal churches in Virginia are expected to announce that their parishioners have voted to cut their ties with the Episcopal Church. The move would be the latest development in a conflict over issues such as gay marriage, female clergy and the role of Jesus. pg 12a


Tips to avoid airline delays

Go to the airport prepared. Don't fly at night, on Fridays or from Philadelphia if you want the best chance of taking off on time or picking up a passenger on schedule. These are among the conclusions of a Sun analysis of a year's worth of domestic departures from four local airports. pg 1a

A name to market drugs

While biotech and pharmaceutical companies have come up with some creative titles for their drugs, they pick business names that make them sound like one of the pack. It's a strategy often used in the hope that the companies will capture some of their competitors' cachet, consultants say. pg 1c


Wisconsin upsets No. 2 Pitt

The No. 7 Wisconsin men's basketball team beat No. 2 Pittsburgh, 89-75, ending the Panthers' 21-game nonconference winning streak. The Badgers' Alando Tucker had 32 points. pg 6D


On Santa's nightmare knee

It's a rite of every Christmas: Pose a small child on the lap of Santa Claus and take a picture, with or without the child's consent. We asked Sun readers to send us their "bad" Santa pictures. pg 1n

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