Howard History

December 17, 2006

From The Sunday Sun, Dec. 10, 1922:

"More than 300 Howard county farmers yesterday organized a county branch of the National Farm Bureau Federation and disbanded the Farmers' Associations.

"This action was taken at a meeting at Ellicott City. Senator Edwin F. Ladd of North Dakota, in an address, told of the necessity of organizing, not only for buying and selling, but for fitting the farmers for the field of competitive business.

"Farm bureaus have been established in Washington, Frederick and Anne Arundel counties, and are being organized in Talbot and Harford. The constitution of the Howard county bureau is similar to those of the other counties.

"The federation instructs the farmer how to dispose of his crops by business methods and aims to protect him from profiteers. Some of the older farmers characterized the farm bureau `a big thing for Howard county.' It will have more power and influence, they say, than the old association."

[Paul McCardell, Sun library researcher]

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