Winds of change again in Chicago

Extra points

Monday Morning Qb

December 11, 2006|By KEN MURRAY

If the Bears ultimately bench QB Rex Grossman this month, it will be the second straight year they demote a winning quarterback in the stretch. Last season, they benched rookie Kyle Orton after he threw 13 interceptions in his first 13 starts. Orton had a 9-4 record when he was replaced by Grossman, who has thrown 17 interceptions going into tonight's game.

Texans' two-step

It's bad enough the Texans didn't take Vince Young or Reggie Bush with the first pick in last April's draft, but the guy they took -- DE Mario Williams -- isn't even the best rookie on their team. That would be MLB DeMeco Ryans, whom they got in the second round. Williams will be good someday, but Ryans is good right now.

More of the same

Terrell Owens' not-so-veiled attempt to disparage Cowboys coach Bill Parcells in an interview with ESPN's Michael Irvin that aired yesterday shouldn't surprise anyone. The irrational wide receiver can never be satisfied until he's created a hornet's nest that portrays him as the victim. This is one hornet's next he doesn't want to mess with.

Giant enigma

Without their starting cornerbacks (both hurt) or quarterback Jake Delhomme (injured thumb), the Panthers were toast for the Giants' tea party. Despite their 27-13 win, the Giants remain an enigmatic team after giving up 423 passing yards to Carolina QB Chris Weinke, who hadn't started in four years. Eli Manning was shaky but managed to throw for three touchdowns.

Backward stats

It's hard to determine how good the Vikings' No. 1 rush defense really is, because in the NFC nobody tries to run on Minnesota. The Lions ran 10 times for minus-3 yards in a 30-20 loss. A few weeks ago, Arizona ran just six times. Meanwhile, the Vikings' pass defense ranked 26th coming into Week 14. Offensive coordinators play to defensive weaknesses, not defensive strengths.

Sad 'Skins

Since coming back for his second stint as Redskins coach, Joe Gibbs is 21-26, and his offense doesn't get any better despite the biggest staff in the league. Last week he said that he intended to come back next season and that he didn't see any reason to make changes. Maybe Daniel Snyder will give him a wake-up call.

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