The Kickoff

December 11, 2006

On the Orioles' frustrations at the Winter Meetings

"I give them credit for making a run at [Jason] Schmidt. No way was he going to sign here, but at least we flashed the cash and maybe, just maybe, that gets someone's attention next year. I agree further that because you struck out at the winter meetings, it's only the second inning. A lot can still happen. ... Right now, I'm reserving hard judgment."

The meetings were a real chance for the Orioles to make some major moves and put the team in the spotlight. As usual, they went through some motions, then wring their hands and tell their fans they gave it their best shot. A true "best shot" would have gotten it done.

Elite free agents just don't want to come here because of our reputation for losing. I don't have a fix for the problem ... but in the meantime, you have to continue to plow money and resources into your minor league system, scouting and player development.

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