Team rankings

Nfl Week

December 10, 2006|By [ Compiled by Tribune Publishing reporters; this week's comments by Melinda Waldrop, Newport News (Va.) Daily Press]

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

1. Chargers (3)

Looking like AFC's top seed.

2. Colts (1)

Can't win it all without a running game.

3. Bears (5)

Can't win it all with Rex Grossman at QB.

4. Patriots (4)

Corey Dillon isn't done yet.

5. Ravens (2)

Loss to Bengals hurts first-round bye hopes.

6. Cowboys (6)

Tony Romo rides high with four straight wins.

7. Saints (7)

Reggie Bush breaks out with four TDs.

8. Seahawks (10)

Win in Denver impresses the skeptics.

9. Bengals (11)

Keep winning games they have to have.

10. Broncos (9)

Jay Cutler may not be the answer this year.

11. Chiefs (8)

A loss to Cleveland? Come on.

12. Jaguars (13)

Just when you're ready to write them off ...

13. Jets (14)

Chad Pennington has a bionic arm.

14. Giants (15)

Something's rotten in East Rutherford.

15. Eagles (22)

Will Philly's fickle fans boo Jeff Garcia now?

16. Falcons (17)

Michael Vick did it all vs. the Redskins.

17. Titans (23)

Three straight wins - look out next year.

18. Panthers (12)

Can't seem to hold fourth-quarter leads.

19. Bills (18)

Nice throwback helmets, but no style points.

20. Steelers (24)

Have won four of past five games.

21. 49ers (21)

Have made progress - just not enough.

22. Dolphins (16)

All good things must come to an end.

23. Vikings (20)

Trip to Detroit should equal sixth win.

24. Rams (19)

Have talent but can't put it to use.

25. Redskins (26)

So bad, coach should question his future.

26. Browns (28)

Didn't show up Thursday vs. Steelers.

27. Packers (25)

A few weeks until Brett Favre watch begins.

28. Texans (29)

Won despite negative passing yards.

29. Buccaneers (27)

At least the offseason is nice in sunny Florida.

30. Cardinals (31)

At last, a 100-yard game for Edgerrin James.

31. Raiders (30)

Will they get No. 1 overall pick?

32. Lions (32)

Jon Kitna's stats are respectable.

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