David Steele -- Points After No complaints here with...

December 10, 2006

David Steele -- Points After

No complaints here with Sports Illustrated's choice for Sportsman of the Year of Dwyane Wade, but my pick would have been the George Mason basketball team. Of the 49 SI staffers who wrote about their choices on the magazine's Web site, one agreed and another sort of did (he picked coach Jim Larranaga). Others with local ties who received votes: Kimmie Meissner, Barbaro surgeon Dr. Dean Richardson, and Barbaro owners Roy and Gretchen Jackson and trainer Michael Matz.

Apparently, breaking a major league home run record is destined to be an unpleasant experience for all concerned, one way or another, either before or after the milestone. From Roger Maris to Hank Aaron to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa to, now, Barry Bonds, back for one more misery-inducing season with the Giants. There's no other record like it, and that's not a compliment.

Not many coaches go 10 years between victories; that gives the concept of refusing to give up a whole new meaning. Congratulations, Todd Bozeman, on that first win with Morgan State.

NBA commissioner David Stern made a brave confession last week, that in hindsight he probably should have gotten input from the players on the new ball. In a generous concession from the other side, the Suns and Nets combined for 318 points in a double-overtime game Thursday night, scoring 84 in the fourth quarter.


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