Elvises were in the building



December 10, 2006

LOTS OF CHEESY BLACK POMPADOURS dotted the crowd crammed into West Baltimore's Lithuanian Hall for the 13th Annual Night of 100 Elvises. And that wasn't all.

This event, which raises money for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center, lets people explore their inner Elvises.

We're not talking only about the more than 50 Elvis impersonators and tribute artists performing his songs on three floors of the hall all night. Many of the hundreds who attended the sold-out event got into the act, such as electrician Ryan McCarroll and wife Theresa, who both came as Elvis in drag.

"It was a last-minute thing," Ryan McCarroll said, explaining why he had donned the circle skirt. "It just makes it more fun."

Local actor David DeBoy had to doff his inky headpiece and peer over his flashy gold sunglasses to be recognized. "I didn't come with him," wife Joellen laughingly claimed.

Aside from Elvises, plenty of mile-high beehives and wacky get-ups bebopped through the mob. There was even a Marilyn Monroe drifting around. Biohabitats ecological engineer Chris Streb and Fulbright scholar Stephanie Oppenheimer came as '50s prom dates; he in a sharkskin suit and baby-blue ruffled shirt, she in her grandmother's lace and tulle dress.

You could also chow down on some of Elvis's favorite food and have a beer (or maybe a shot of viryta, a Lithuanian honey and clove liqueur).

"Greasy food, nasty beer and Elvis. It's all so Baltimore and we love it," said actress Melissa Darwin. She and friends Johns Hopkins University Web designer Scott Huffines and Shocked and Amazed! magazine publisher James Taylor have come to 100 Elvises for years.

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