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December 10, 2006


May we recommend a film

With $1 million at stake, a doctoral student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is trying to perfect a "recommender," a computer program designed to analyze your cinematic tastes and predict what movies you will like. pg 1a

Last hurrah for Congress

Republicans relinquished their political grip on Capitol Hill early yesterday as the 109th Congress adjourned after a final spurt of legislation and accusation. pg 3a


Visions of his office

Comptroller-elect Peter Franchot says he wants to take his new office beyond collecting taxes and balancing the state's books and set a policy vision for the state, with stopping slot machines and boosting tobacco taxes the top items on his agenda. pg 1b


Baghdad violence escalates

Bands of armed Shiite militiamen stormed through a neighborhood in north-central Baghdad yesterday, driving hundreds of Sunni Arabs from their homes in what a Sunni colonel in the Iraqi army described as one of the most flagrant episodes of sectarian warfare yet unleashed in the capital. pg 27a


NCAA drug testing leaves gaps

Though the NCAA has tested for performance enhancing drugs since 1986, only a small percentage of athletes faces tests in a given year. That means drug prevention is largely up to individual schools. PG 1D


Ground rents bite homeowners

The arcane Baltimore system of ground rents is increasingly being used by some investors as a tool to seize homes or extract big fees from homeonwners, an investigations by The Sun has found. pg 1a


Seasonal splendor

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has rounded up a phalanx of performers for its second Holiday Spectacular. pg 1e


Terror rush

Researchers at the U.S. Army's Edgewood Center are in a high-stakes race to counter a myriad of threats from biological and chemical weapons. pg 1f

Modern Life

A gift grows

Still digging for the perfect present for that avid gardener in your life? Look no further to answer a winter entreaty. pg 1n

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