Five Things I Have To Have Now

Tom Tasselmyer, WBAL-TV chief meteorologist

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OK. Let's get this out of the way: He doesn't need any product for his hair. "It's pretty low maintenance." It had better be, with a family of four boys ranging in age from 10 to 17. Tom Tasselmyer seems to weather his hectic schedule pretty well. (Perhaps we should talk to his wife, Laurie.) Even so, he would like to spend more time playing golf and less time shoveling the driveway. 1. Complete works of C.S. Lewis "I have a lot of his work. He goes all the way from kids (like The Chronicles of Narnia) to high-level thinking stuff that makes you sit there and read it several times. It makes you ... stretch your mind a bit."

2. A car "A cheap, but safe, car for my twins. They just got their drivers' licenses. I can sense borrowing the car is going to become a theme." 3. A family vacation to Hawaii "We went on a family trip to Alaska and it's still a favorite topic of discussion. My son, Stephen, who's about to turn 13, is fascinated by things like volcanoes. Hawaii's kind of his dream." 4. Set of golf clubs by Titleist "I bet [my clubs] are 20 years old. ... I try to golf as much as my schedule will permit. My twins are starting to beat me now. Kind of embarrassing. ... They have nicer clubs than I do. Maybe that's my excuse." 5. A snow blower "Somehow the plan was, with four sons, they were supposed to do all of the shoveling. But it's not worked out that way." [MICHELLE DEAL-ZIMMERMAN]

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