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December 07, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO

The fact that the Atlanta Braves are shopping Adam LaRoche so aggressively - even willing to take reliever Scot Shields from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - raises a red flag with me.

If LaRoche is such an up-and-comer, why are the Braves so open to moving him? It's pretty clear that Orioles executives Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette are annoyed that word of the trade proposal was leaked. When these deals aren't completed, there's a legitimate concern that the players will feel unwanted. But Brian Roberts is a big boy. He knows it's a business. He can take it.

It's not like the Orioles are trying to unload him, but there aren't a whole lot of "untouchables" on this fourth-place roster.

If LaRoche joined the Orioles, do you think Kevin Millar might have been just a tad upset, given how he envisions himself as the everyday first baseman? He wants no part of a DH platoon with Jay Gibbons. For that matter, neither does Gibbons.

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