December 07, 2006

An article yesterday about New York City's ban on trans fats in restaurants reversed the definitions of two types of cholesterol. Trans fat raises the amount of LDL, which some doctors call "bad" blood cholesterol, and lowers the amount of HDL or "good" blood cholesterol.

In an article in the Maryland section yesterday, the last name of Aberdeen City Council member Dave Yensan was misspelled.

An article in the Maryland section Tuesday incorrectly reported the type of revenue Baltimore is failing to collect from amusement devices, according to an Abell Foundation report. Up to $11 million is being lost from uncollected taxes, the report said.

A caption that ran with a photo on Page 1A Monday transposed the names of the two subjects. Above, Jerren Massey is on the left, and Nathan Somers is on the right.

A state digest item Saturday gave the incorrect party affiliation for Rockville Mayor Larry Giammo, a member of Gov.-elect Martin O'Malley's transition team. Giammo is registered as an independent.

The Sun regrets the errors.

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