Rolling in dough

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December 06, 2006|By Joannah Hill and Kate Shatzkin | Joannah Hill and Kate Shatzkin,[Sun reporters]

It's time to roll out those pins for holiday baking. But which one is best? The standard double-handled wooden rolling pin of yesteryear has morphed into an array of choices, from brightly colored silicone to marble to French pins large and small.


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By far the most attractive. It's pretty enough to leave on your countertop in its wooden stand.


Pros: It feels cold and stays cold. This is a plus when you're working with pie dough. Its weight required a little extra pressure to move the pin along, but produced a circle of dough of perfect thickness. Cons: The weight makes it unwieldy and not the best choice for more delicate doughs. The pin also did not have a fluid motion when rolling. The dough tended to stick to the pin in patches. Flouring the pin helped little because the flour slid off the smooth surface.


Easy, but again, a little too heavy to handle comfortably.

BOTTOM LINE Heavy and not the smoothest roll. Only for true fans of marble.

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