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December 03, 2006|By BILL FREE

Senior shooting guard Dan Radford is expected to be one of the leading scorers for a Westminster team that enters the season with high expectations. Radford, 6 feet 1, is comfortable ranging outside to shoot three-pointers but scores mostly from inside the lane. He averaged 10 points a game last season.

How does it feel to have high expectations put on you entering this season?

It feels pretty good. I'm pretty much just working with my teammates and getting better.

What do you like most about this team after it finished with a .500 record last year?

We're going to be a lot better this season because we have a lot of team chemistry. We have good size and strong, offensive guards, and we're really working good together as a team. Whatever we do in practice, we'll do in a game.

What kind of a team do you have?

We do pretty much everything. We fast break, and sometimes we play zone. We're pretty much all-around. I guess we like to push the ball up the court the most, with Kevin Carr running the offense at the point.

How important is basketball in your life?

It's real important. I've been playing ever since I was at Charles Carroll. I really love it.

Do you have any future plans in basketball?

If I can get a scholarship, I'll do that. If not, I'll go to Carroll Community College and transfer from there to wherever I can go. I plan to keep on playing basketball, if I can.

What's the most unusual game you've played in in high school?

It was last year against North Carroll when my teammate, Brett Harman, got hit in the face by this guy who was trying to set a screen. Brett got mad about that. There was some pushing, shoving and elbows thrown, but no fists were thrown.

Do you like college basketball?

Yes, I watch it a lot. Maryland is my favorite team. I like to watch D.J. Strawberry play. They really look like a strong team this season.

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