December 03, 2006

THE ISSUE: -- It's that time of year: Why do you like - or why will you avoid - holiday shopping at The Mall in Columbia?

One who rarely shops at The Mall

I rarely shop at the mall because I have to walk so far from the parking lot to the stores. I occasionally shop at Chico's. This time of year at the mall, I bring in my Angel Tree gifts, get a Redskins calendar for a relative and purchase candy at See's.

I go to the Ritz camera store in Beltsville or the Tech Lab on Dobbin Road, also Target and Party, Party, Party, and Pet Smart. Kohl's is where I purchase items for nephews and my patriotic teens. I buy my shoes at Van Dyke and Bacon on Route 40. And I spent a lot of money yesterday at Homegoods on Snowden River Parkway, great items for Xmas gifts.

Sue Neri


Parking for disabled deemed inadequate

Actually, you can just print my letter from last year about the subject - nothing has changed. The Mall, like the county government, still discriminates against individuals with physical disabilities by not providing adequate handicapped parking. It used to be because Howard County police didn't police the handicapped parking, but they needn't worry now - for every handicapped parking space there are five legitimate handicapped individuals looking for a place to park.

I will do the same thing this year that I did last year; go to the Prince George's County portion of Laurel or shop by the Internet. Last year, they got over $1,000. I guess that kind of money isn't even important in one of the richest counties in the country, and it sure is obvious that some civil rights aren't.

Dave Denzler


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