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December 03, 2006|By Karlayne R. Parker | Karlayne R. Parker,[UniSun Editor]

This time last year, members of the Duplessis family lived in temporary housing in Baltimore after relocating from Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.

They left a life they knew -- other family, friends, neighbors, places and things -- for a fresh start.

And, as you will see on Page 16, it hasn't been easy.

They lost just about everything in the storm. And like thousands of others who were forced to leave New Orleans after Katrina, they began a search for a new home and new life that took them on the odyssey of their lives.

I know you saw the news coverage of the one-year anniversary of the storm, and learned what happened to many of the thousands of displaced families from New Orleans. But in UniSun, we've taken the story much deeper.

Sun reporter Emeri O'Brien's article tells you the details of the Duplessis family's transforming experience.

I spoke with Helen Duplessis about her family's experience before assigning the story and was moved by all she said.

At the time, she was frustrated with federal officials who were about to cut off disaster aid to her family.

In the midst of this, she begged that her story be told.

While there are still many families from New Orleans who are struggling, at least this one's story has a happy ending.

This year will be the family's first Christmas in their new house, refurbished by a local group and its sponsors. This house gives the family a foundation that they haven't had in about a year.

In many ways, you could say they are home for the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, turn to Page 24 and you'll find a story that gives you some advice about how to dress for all those Christmas and New Year's parties.

On Page 14, our food expert, Sandra Pinckney, tells you how to make holiday gifts in the kitchen.

Not long after the New Year, we'll be celebrating the birthday of the late civil-rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Our travel story by Michael Schuman takes you on tour of King's birthplace in the Sweet Auburn section of Atlanta.

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It's been a great year. And I can't wait until next year.



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