Officers' rape charges won't be dismissed

December 02, 2006|By Annie Linskey

A Baltimore Circuit Court judge denied a motion yesterday to dismiss rape charges against two of the three police officers who were once part of the department's now-disbanded Southwestern District "flex squad."

Defense lawyers argued that the alleged victim has changed her story and now says she was not present during a conversation in which the officers supposedly discussed the incident.

Judge Wanda K. Heard denied the motion, noting that it was not unusual for witness statements to change over time.

The unit was embroiled in controversy last year when a woman arrested on a drug charge said Officer Jemini Jones forced her to have sex at the Southwestern District station in exchange for her freedom. Prosecutors say the other two officers, Brian Shaffer and Steven Hatley, knew about the attack and did nothing to stop it. All three have been charged with rape and have been suspended.

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