Thomas James Vilsack AGE, BIRTH DATE, LOCATION: 56...

December 01, 2006

Thomas James Vilsack

AGE, BIRTH DATE, LOCATION: 56; Dec. 13, 1950; Pittsburgh. He was orphaned at birth and was adopted on April 10, 1951.

EXPERIENCE: Mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 1987-1992; state senator, 1992-1998; governor of Iowa, 1998-2006; practiced law in Mount Pleasant before becoming governor.

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree, Hamilton College, 1972; law degree, Albany Law School, 1975

FAMILY: Wife, Christie Vilsack; two adult sons, Jess and Doug

QUOTE: "I have always been the underdog and long shot. And I have always been inspired by stories of ordinary people who struggled but ultimately succeeded."

[Associated Press]

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