What's the beef with the governor-elect?


November 29, 2006|By LAURA VOZZELLA

But Forson has warmed to the idea of an Icelandic getaway -- and has resigned herself to being short of cash until she graduates this spring.

Class, it's a moving-picture machine

Variety recently ran an obituary on the nearly departed VHS tape. Picking up on that the other day, NPR's Morning Edition ran an old piece from 1972, with reporter Bill Toohey unveiling what was then a newfangled technology called "cartridge television."

That aired Monday -- good timing for Toohey,an NPR pioneer who these days is spokesman for the Baltimore County police and an adjunct professor of mass communication atTowson University. That night at Towson, he was planning to talk about changing technology.He opened the class with the bit from NPR.

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