Roch Around the Clock

November 28, 2006|By ROCH KUBATKO | ROCH KUBATKO,Sun Reporter

So, who makes your list of Orioles relievers for 2007?

Chris Ray. Jamie Walker. Danys Baez. Another new guy. John Parrish. Kurt Birkins. Hayden Penn.

If they go with these seven, I'm omitting Rodrigo Lopez, who remains one of the Orioles' most marketable players despite those 18 losses, Aaron Rakers, James Hoey, Sendy Rleal and Todd Williams.

I think Hoey needs more time in the minors - perhaps Triple-A Norfolk - before returning to the Orioles. He gave us a sneak peek. Now let his education resume at a lower level. If Lopez couldn't bring a good hitter in return and were to accept a bullpen role, then Penn could start out in Norfolk's rotation. But I don't see Lopez returning.

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