Say `I do' to `Big Day,' which pays tribute to `24' with its format

Sitcom following couple on wedding day has winning cast

TV Preview

November 28, 2006|By Verne Gay | Verne Gay,Newsday

Yes, 24 should or could have been one of those series that spawned a thousand successful imitators but, as we now know, did not - except counting the tsunami of serials that washed over prime time the past couple of seasons. That 24-hours-in-a-day signature is simply too specific, too personal, too 24, and any show caught lifting it could be prosecuted for grand larceny.

How amusing that a harmless and mostly fun little sitcom does the honors. Big Day tracks the biggest day in a young couple's life - their wedding day - with the implicit recognition that from the moment the future bride and groom wake up until the moment they tie the knot, it likely will be the most packed day they will ever endure. Every minute, every utterance, every action will be stuffed with drama (much of it self-inflicted) and meaning. What barely annoyed before - say, the groom's taste in music - suddenly becomes magnified a thousandfold. It is a day, in other words, best lived once - and never again.

On TV Big Day premieres tonight at 9 on ABC.

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