November 26, 2006|By Frank D. Roylance

Dr. Robert A. Montgomery


Associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; chief of the division of transplantation and director of the Comprehensive Transplant Center at Hopkins Hospital.

In the news

Montgomery led the Hopkins team that on Nov. 14 performed the world's first five-way kidney transplant. Five kidney patients, each with a willing but incompatible donor, swapped donor organs so that each received a compatible transplant.

Career highlights

Montgomery has worked to develop techniques for the minimally invasive removal of healthy kidneys for donation, and transplantation to patients with incompatible blood types. He helped with the first reported, paired U.S. kidney exchange and the first triple-paired kidney exchange.


Recognizable by his long hair and Wild West whiskers, Montgomery, 46, was born in Buffalo, N.Y. He earned his medical degree from the University of Rochester, and his doctorate in molecular immunology from the University of Oxford, England. A Fells Point resident, he enjoys hunting and fishing. He shares an alpaca farm with his wife and two children.


"I'm someone who takes risks in terms of thinking differently than convention. I believe that anything can be done if you work hard enough, and study your material, and know what you need to do. I love surgery. I'm probably happiest and most comfortable in the operating room."

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