November 26, 2006

Leopold thanks Anne Arundel voters

I would like to thank the citizens of Anne Arundel County who cast their vote for me in the recent general election. As I take a moment to think of the work ahead, I recognize that it will take all of us working together, committed to improving the quality of life for all who live and work in our great county.

I want to thank my worthy primary and general election opponents for running spirited campaigns.

It is not about party affiliation, but about service to others. I ask that we put our differences aside and move forward to find feasible solutions to the many issues facing this administration over the next four years.

I am committed to finding innovative, viable answers with the assistance of the people I serve.

I have every confidence in my cabinet that they share my vision and plan for action in producing results that we will deem noteworthy. I look forward to streamlining government to work more effectively and efficiently, improving constituent service and creating a 311 system to insure prompt, courteous service.

Last but not least, I want to thank the residents of District 31, who for more than 20 years allowed me to represent them in the General Assembly. I will always be grateful for their confidence and support.

I ask for your prayers for me and my staff as we seek to bring change for the better to Anne Arundel County.

John R. Leopold Pasadena

The writer is county executive-elect for Anne Arundel County.

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