Harford History

November 26, 2006

Eden Mill was used for power plant

On Nov. 26, 1917, a portion of Eden Mill Farm was sold to Fawn Grove Power and Light Co. as part of an effort to generate electricity at Eden Mill using the power of Deer Creek.

The power plant was in Harford County, though the distribution lines went to Fawn Grove, Pa., providing electricity to homes, a cannery, a feed mill and a lumber company.

Seven farmers along the Mason-Dixon Line had electricity at their farms.

In January 1918, a heavy flood caused by rain and an ice jam two feet thick breached the mill dam and delayed the construction of the power plant.

Eventually, generation began, and it continued until 1929, when Glen Rock Electric Co. bought the company and took possession of the lines.

Milling had been going on throughout that period and continued until 1964, when a tradition that had begun in 1792 ended.

[Source: Eden Mill: An Illustrated History by Jack L. Shagena. Research by Harford County Library.]

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