Louise Brooks, Bryn Mawr, volleyball

November 22, 2006|By KATHERINE DUNN

Awell-rounded senior who plays classical piano and competes for the Time Out volleyball club, Brooks led the Mawrtians to their first volleyball championship, the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland B Conference crown. Brooks is a powerful hitter, averaging just more than four kills per game, but she also has a strong all-around game. She has a 91 weighted academic average and scored 2,210 on her SATs. Brooks has committed to play volleyball at Washington & Lee, where she plans to study computer science.

What was it that put your team over the top this season?

We had always been building up to this year. Coach [Tim] Dunbar came here in my freshman year and he was always looking to the future. When we got to this year, everything fell into place. It was more of a building than a quick, sudden climax, because last year we made it to championships, too, but we lost. We knew we weren't going to lose again.

What was it like to win the title?

I was so elated. I hope to be able to win another championship, but if that's the only one I ever win in my entire volleyball career, I'll be happy, because it was so fulfilling to put so much work into the sport and to receive that.

Is it true that the journey was as rewarding as the ending?

I wouldn't trade the last losing three years for anything, because the fact that we were able to grow so much as a team impresses me. To think back to my sophomore year when we were 1-17 and how we still left the season with smiles on our faces, loving the sport. I wouldn't trade the journey for 1,000 more championships.

Do you feel like you've been in on the start of something big with Bryn Mawr volleyball?

I do. We were able to come in and no one knew anything about volleyball my freshman year. Then in my senior year, we win the championship and all of a sudden we have packed stands at all our games and everyone talks about volleyball.

Why did you choose a Division III school when your talent could have taken you to Division I?

My sister [Ellen Brooks] swims D-I for UCLA. It's definitely a job for her and I love volleyball more than anything and I wouldn't want it to become a chore. I wouldn't say my sister doesn't love swimming ... but I really wanted to focus on academics when I went to college. I wanted to make it two lives. Instead of being an athletic student, I wanted to be a student-athlete wherever I went.

Coach said you take piano lessons?

Music in itself has always been something that's really calming to me. To be able to get away from homework or a losing season or a tough day at practice and just to be able to play the piano for a little while is really relaxing.

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