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November 20, 2006|By KEN MURRAY

C. Johnson raises his game

Say what you will about Chad Johnson (above), but the talkative Bengals receiver backed up all his bravado with 17 catches worth 450 yards and five touchdowns the past two weeks. He has never played better. Maybe he should have spoken up sooner.

Easy does it

The Chiefs kept quarterback Trent Green out of harm's way for the most part in his return from a serious Week 1 concussion. Green threw only 16 passes and endured two sacks, while Larry Johnson carried the ball 31 times for 154 yards and two touchdowns in a 17-13 win over Oakland.

Win suits 49ers

The most stylish coach in the NFL yesterday was San Francisco's Mike Nolan, who was finally allowed by the league to wear a suit, as his father Dick Nolan had done years ago. Even better, the 49ers won their third straight game behind Frank Gore's franchise-record 212 rushing yards. Nolan was dapper in a black outfit and a 20-14 win over the Seahawks. What's wrong with a suit, guys?

Taking a knee

Is this what Patriots coach Bill Belichick signed Vinny Testaverde for? Quarterback Tom Brady threw four touchdown passes in Green Bay and Testaverde came in to take a knee three times in the rout of the Packers.

Tackling dummies

The Eagles were guilty of some of the most atrocious tackling in recent memory when they allowed Travis Henry to bust a 70-yard touchdown run and Adam "Pacman" Jones to go 90 yards with a punt return in the third quarter. Those plays helped the Titans break open a 10-6 lead to 24-6.

Blessing in disguise?

Why do I get the feeling that Colts coach Tony Dungy wasn't very upset with the team's loss in Dallas? He swallowed a loss to an NFC team that doesn't figure to hurt his chances for home-field advantage in the AFC.

Bothering Bulger

The Panthers got their defense recharged when they handed the Rams their first shutout since 1998. Carolina's blitz helped produce seven sacks of Marc Bulger. The Rams obviously miss left tackle Orlando Pace already.

Alexander not great

Seattle running back Shaun Alexander looked like a player who had missed the first 10 weeks. He rushed 17 times for 37 yards. How his injured foot responds will dictate whether the Seahawks have a chance to advance in the postseason.

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