Team rankings

Nfl Week

November 19, 2006

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

1. Colts (1)

Can't stop the run - but nobody can stop Peyton Manning.

2. Bears (3)

There's Good Rex and Bad Rex, and the good one shows up more.

3. Broncos (2)

Three more interceptions for Jake Plummer.

4. Chargers (5)

Why not just give the ball to LaDainian Tomlinson on every play?

5. Ravens (7)

Could Steve McNair's homecoming have been any sweeter?

6. Patriots (4)

Everyone knows they'll be a factor in January.

7. Giants (6)

Memo to Giants: Field goals can be returned from the end zone.

8. Seahawks (12)

Ready to soar when Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck return.

9. Saints (8)

First place and holding in NFC South.

10. Eagles (16)

Just a game behind Giants in NFC East.

11. Cowboys (15)

Terrell Owens doesn't want to be upstaged by Marvin Harrison.

12. Panthers (13)

Still looking for a running game.

13. Jaguars (9)

Horrible loss at home to Texans.

14. Chiefs (10)

And a horrible road loss vs. Dolphins.

15. Falcons (11)

No. 1 rushing team couldn't move on terrible Browns run defense at home.

16. Jets (19)

Why bother with a post-game handshake?

17. Bengals (14)

Chad Johnson finally broke out.

18. Rams (18)

Couldn't take advantage of Seahawks' injuries in NFC West.

19. Vikings (17)

Brad Childress and Brad Johnson will go down together.

20. Packers (23)

Brett Favre still has some football to play.

21. Steelers (21)

Trying to avoid worst title defense since 1970 merger.

22. Dolphins (28)

Is another late-season rally possible?

23. 49ers (24)

Most anonymous team in the NFL is just a game below .500.

24. Bills (22)

Had the Colts beaten, then let them squirm away.

25. Browns (27)

This team is showing some fight.

26. Redskins (20)

Joe Gibbs finally turns to Jason Campbell.

27. Buccaneers (25)

Embattled team might not win again this season.

28. Texans (29)

Just three wins, but two are against Jaguars.

29. Lions (26)

On pace to extend NFL's longest double-digit losing streak to six seasons.

30. Titans (30)

Jeff Fisher is being rumored as possible Bill Parcells replacement in Dallas.

31. Raiders (31)

Just lose, baby.

32. Cardinals (32)

Mike Martz will be the hot name once Dennis Green is fired.

[ Compiled by Tribune Publishing reporters; this week's comments by Chris Harry, Orlando Sentinel]

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