November 19, 2006|By [Nia-Malika Henderson]

Bryan Simonaire


Republican state senator-elect from District 31, in northeastern Anne Arundel County.

In the News

Simonaire, who campaigned on conservative values, went from trailing his Democratic opponent, former Del. Walter Shandrowsky, by 198 votes to defeating him by 659 votes after absentee and provisional ballots were counted in the hotly contested race to replace retiring Sen. Philip C. Jimeno.

Career Highlights

Simonaire is a senior systems engineer at Northrop Grumman Corp. He has an undergraduate degree in computer science and a master's degree in engineering. He previously worked as a military contractor in Saudi Arabia and assisted with drug interdiction in Central America.


Simonaire, 43, grew up and currently lives in Pasadena with his wife, Elizabeth, and seven children.


"I view myself as an independent thinker. I want to look at ways to reduce the burden of taxes on people and work across party lines for the best interests of the people throughout Maryland. I just want to stand up for the average person and be their public servant."

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