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November 19, 2006|By BILL FREE

Liberty senior defender Carlyn Bonny has led a transformation of the Lions from an 8-8 team her sophomore season to a 12-3-1 squad that advanced to the second round of the Class 2A West regionals this season. Bonny always marked the opposing team's top scorer and was a three-year starter, leading a defense that allowed only seven goals this season. Liberty lost, 1-0, to South Carroll in the regionals after a postponement caused the Lions to play two days in a row.

Do you think things would have been different if your team had a day off before playing South Carroll?

I definitely think so because on Monday night, we gave it all we had against Winters Mill to win, and when it came to Tuesday, we were tired. I know I was.

What was the key to the success of your defense?

I think most of it had to do with team bonding. We were so proud of our defense. I always knew Jesse Dennis had my back, because she was probably one of the fastest people I know on our team. And Meghan Conlon was so aggressive. She'd always get the ball. She was our main header in the middle of the defense. And also Megan McCormick. So just us four together always worked off each other and had each others' back. That was the main thing.

How does it feel to be part of a program that has come so far in three seasons?

I was glad I was part of that. The 2-1 double overtime win over Century my sophomore year was one of the most memorable games I've probably ever had in my career. First of all, I was on the varsity as a sophomore. We were behind 1-0 and someone scored in the last five seconds to put us into overtime, and then we went into double overtime and we scored.

Do you like being assigned to the opposing team's top scorer?

Actually, I like that. I like having a good challenge. Just going up against them is fun and my teammates are proud when they're able to help me not let them score at all. I love challenges.

What's the most unusual thing that has happened on the soccer field in three years?

It happened this year against North Carroll, when a girl for them kicked the ball, and Stephanie Critzos, who hardly ever plays goalie at all for us, just flew out of that goal and was able to hit it off her knee out of the goal. I don't even know where she came from so fast.

How far do you plan to take soccer?

I've been back and forth about this. I've been thinking about trying out at College Park [Maryland], but it's such a big commitment. I don't want it to alter my grades or anything. There's always club soccer. No matter what, I can't see myself without soccer.

Do you plan to attend Maryland?

I just sent in my application. That's what I'm hoping for.

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