`Desperate Crossing' debunks Pilgrim tale

History Channel show exposes Mayflower myths

November 19, 2006|By Noel Holston | Noel Holston,Newsday

Memo to elementary school teachers and to anyone else who may be planning a Thanksgiving play or Pilgrim-themed lunch this week: Do not dress the little boys in boxy black coats with large, flappy white collars, square-buckled belts and black hats, nor the girls in black dresses with prim white aprons and caps.

No self-respecting, fashion-conscious Pilgrim would have been caught dead in such a drab getup. The Mayflower folks dressed like the Elizabethan Englanders they were - think Shakespearean actors doing Romeo and Juliet at the Globe - and they weren't shy about accessorizing with red, purple and other bright colors.

DESPERATE CROSSING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE MAYFLOWER / / Airs tonight at 8 on the History Channel

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