November 19, 2006

Our waterways need a champion

I have visited, photographed, brought people to see and sought to elect a leader who cared about the once-beautiful creeks that are savaged by volumes of storm water piped into their slender systems in Anne Arundel County.

I have failed. We do not have a leader who will ask us each to care, to participate in capturing the rain in our own properties, to contribute the monies that will bring back to life the tortured streams whose forests fall, undermined by banks torn anew by each heavy downpour.

These creeks and rivers are the heart of our county. With every inch of rain, the paved land sends 1,167,979,560 gallons of runoff into them. Their waters are so contaminated that many people have endured massive infections. The fish are unsavory.

And I am shattered, bearing in my heart the torment I witness.

Anne Pearson


The writer is director for the Alliance for Sustainable Communities


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