Final tally changes no election results

November 19, 2006|By Larry Carson

Final unofficial election results, compiled Friday by the county elections board, changed no outcomes but narrowed Democrat Martin O'Malley's victory to a tight 677-vote edge over Republican Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. in the gubernatorial race.

County voters were kinder to other Democrats. Benjamin L. Cardin won the U.S. Senate contest with a nearly 10,000-vote edge over Michael S. Steele, and Democrats running for state comptroller and attorney general had even larger victory margins.

In the county executive contest, Democrat Ken Ulman received 52.1 percent, or 9,112 more votes than Republican Christopher J. Merdon's 43.3 percent, while independent C. Stephen Wallis was far behind both, with 4.5 percent of the total. There were a handful of write-in votes.

County Executive James N. Robey won his new state Senate seat by drawing 5,333 more votes than incumbent Sen. Sandra B. Schrader. All three Democrats running for delegate in that district got more votes than did Robey, however.

The closest County Council race was in District 1, Merdon's district, where Democrat Courtney Watson beat Republican Tony Salazar by 988 votes.

In the school board race, Ellen Flynn Giles maintained a lead of 1,149 votes over Janet Siddiqui, meaning Giles wins the fifth -- and last -- place on the new, larger seven-member school board. She must run for re-election and a full four-year term in 2008, however.

The county's most lopsided victory went to Del. Elizabeth Bobo, a Democrat who got 11,892 votes or 75 percent of the vote in her single-delegate subdistrict, while Republican Christopher Feldwick got 24.6 percent, or 3,885.

The board's final tally showed a 64.36 percent turnout in the county.

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