Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

November 19, 2006

VFW members urged to support new school

The land issues have been settled, a name has been assigned and construction is proceeding briskly. Soon, the attendance-area questions will be settled.

Believe it or not, resolving these issues is the easy part! Now the real work of establishing the new Veterans Elementary School begins.

The members of Yingling-Ridgely VFW Post 7472 consider the land upon which the school sits to be their gift to the community, but the true legacy of this post lies in the 700-plus children who will bring the building to life in August 2007.

A piece of land, a plaque, a name -- these are abstract concepts to a child. What will really make a difference to the children, what will truly inspire their patriotism and respect for service to community and country will be the kindly gentleman or lady from the VFW who comes in every week to read a book to excited kindergartners or help a struggling third-grader master his multiplication facts.

Imagine a dry lesson from a history book coming to life in front of our children's eyes, sharing life stories and becoming a part of their lives -- now that is an incredible gift!

Opening a new school takes countless hours of work on the part of many individuals, both school system employees and volunteers from the community.

Turning the school into a genuine gift to the community is a task with no target completion date.

It will take an outpouring of time, talent, and, yes, money, for many years to come. It would be gratifying to see the VFW turn some of the proceeds from the land sale back into supporting Veterans Elementary programs. And any PTA officer can tell you how the programs that make a school into a well-rounded learning community take not only financial donations but people willing to step in, unpaid, to make it all happen. What better way to make the name Veterans Elementary really mean something to these children than to have veterans volunteering in the school, creating positive role models and being a force for growth in their lives?

I appeal to all members of VFW Post 7472, please join us in turning this beautiful new school named in your honor into a living, breathing part of our children's lives.

My family and I are so excited to be a part of this. What a wonderful, once-in-a-generation opportunity for all of us to create a new community and a true legacy! We will be there for the students and staff of Veterans Elementary School --will you?

Laura Ressler

Ellicott City

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