5 Things I Have To Have Now

Ruth Shaw


This is one woman who does not believe in dilly-dallying. "I'm not a shopper," says Ruth Shaw, 78, fashionable Baltimore store owner. "I'm a buyer." She can buy a house or a car in hours. Buying clothes takes even less time. "Go with your first instinct on things and you won't make too many mistakes," she says. So, no need to waste energy thinking about five things to have now because if she wanted them, she would have them. Right now. (But, hey, it's our shtick and we're sticking to it.)

1. A beautiful antique bowl "I need something fabulous for the center of my new dining-room table."

2. A laptop computer -- "The one I have is getting pretty old."

3. A heavy-duty chronograph watch "My watch was stolen recently. It was a Bulgari. I wouldn't mind having it replaced, but [since I have other watches] I can't justify spending the money."

4 -- Bottega Veneta handbag "I like handbags. Bottega Veneta has beautiful skins. Simply beautiful."

5 -- Photo artwork by Aino Kannisto "It's from a Finnish artist I saw at Goya [Gallery]," and it would adorn her home, which is "historically preserved ... but I like the juxtaposition of old and new."

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