Branch out with Thanksgiving tree

Each relative writes thanks on paper leaf

November 18, 2006|By McClatchy-Tribune

Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a one-day deal.

Here's an idea that will help family members consider the things -- and people -- they're thankful for in the days leading to the holiday: a Thanksgiving tree.

For the craft-challenged, this is pretty easy. From now until Thanksgiving, each person in the family writes a thankful thought on a construction-paper leaf and adds it to the Thanksgiving tree, which can be drawn, cut out or made from a tree branch.

By Thanksgiving, the tree will be full of thanks. On Thanksgiving, someone could read the leaves aloud to family and friends gathered for turkey and dressing.

"We try to make a new tree every year, and they can really be made with just about anything you want," said Michelle Jones, founder of betterbudgeting .com. "It's a wonderful family holiday project, especially for the kids."

Here are some ideas for creating the tree:

Cut a tree trunk out of construction paper and attach it to a large poster board, foam board or any big sheet of paper. Or draw the trunk with a marker. Prop it up or hang it in a prominent place.

Or, go natural by cutting a small branch from a tree in your yard. Secure the branch in a vase so it stands up.

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