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November 17, 2006

Troops ill-served by their generals

The article "General warns Congress: Don't pull out troops" (Nov. 15) made me cringe. I am disgusted with the uncaring thoughts toward our fighting people who are sent to Iraq knowing that their generals don't care about their welfare. Those generals and the Bush administration care only about their survival for history.

I suggest the U.S. military come up with a new battle ribbon to be worn only by generals involved in this war in Iraq. The ribbon should be one color - black. It would stand out among the two dozen they wear. It would also remind Americans of the mistake this nation made in engaging Iraq.

Peter J. Schap


The writer is a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War.

Iran headed down calamitous path

The editorial "Mr. Olmert and Iran" (Nov. 14) was confusing, pointlessly wandering boilerplate that neither informed nor terribly offended. That is, until its last sentence, an outrageously illogical and dangerous fantasy: "Progress on the Israeli-Palestinian front would disarm Iran, depriving its leaders of their usual screed and a reason for nuclear arms."

No negotiations of any kind, no U.N. sanctions, no threats from any nation and, most assuredly, nothing whatever that happens between Israel and the Palestinians will dissuade Iran from its determination to develop nuclear weapons. It has long-range missiles with warheads waiting.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no country willing to face these difficult truths and contemplate forcefully stopping Iran on its calamitous path. That is, none except Israel.

The editorial refers to an Iran that "continues its very vitriolic attacks against the U.S. and Israel." But Iran's very clear and repeatedly stated goal of destroying Israel is much more than vitriol, and Israel may have to react alone if a second Holocaust seems inevitable and imminent.

Deborah Land


Homeless meters don't add up

I was puzzled by Baltimore's new parking meters ("City offers hope for homeless via meter," Nov. 15). I would prefer to put my change in the hands of someone who will use it for his or her own benefit. As Sun reporter Jill Rosen observed, "To ward off despair, someone would have to stand at the machine forever with a bottomless bag of change."

If the city's goal is to end homelessness within the next 10 years, perhaps it should dedicate the revenues from parking meters to real solutions: affordable housing and accessible health care.

Nick Kahn


Mayor not to blame for girl's death

It would have been informative if the writer of "Girl's death reflects O'Malley's failure" (letters, Nov. 15) had explained how she arrived at that conclusion.

The Maryland Department of Transportation has domain over all aspects of public transportation, including policing the subway and light rail stations. Do high-profile, dastardly criminal acts committed in other jurisdictions in our state get blamed on the officials of those jurisdictions?

State and city safety personnel can use this tragedy to institute procedures to ensure the safety of the users of public transportation. That should now be the focus.

One is entitled to his or her opinion about the mayor, but fairness and common sense allow that the blame for this tragedy is not his alone.

Geraldine Wright-Bey


Don't compromise on civil liberties

Amid the bluster of presumed bipartisanship, the incoming Democratic congressional majority ("Planning for power shift," Nov. 13) can brook no compromises on such critical civil liberty issues as approving only judicial nominees faithful to the Bill of Rights, ending warrantless wiretaps, reforming the horrific terrorist detainee bill by restoring habeas corpus, and blocking constitutional amendments on flag desecration and gay marriage.

It is time to end the GOP assault on our civil liberties.

Edgar L. Feingold


A wise approach to health care plan

It's a worthy cause for Gov.-elect Martin O'Malley and the legislature to provide for the health care of Maryland's citizens ("Many challenges," Nov. 9). But they have a fiduciary responsibility to wisely use the resources provided to them by the state's taxpayers.

The Sun would be wise to run a series reviewing the experience Tennessee had in its TennCare misadventure so that we could be warned to prevent a similar catastrophe in our state.

With careful controls, proper planning and strong supervision, the state government should be able to develop a plan that provides for many of the uninsured Marylanders without threatening to bankrupt the state treasury.

Morris Gavant


Paying for GOP's fiscal foolishness

In response to the letter "Democrats deemed a threat to wallets" (Nov. 13), whom did the writer think was going to pay for the excessive spending of the Republican occupant of the White House?

At one time, the Democrats could be labeled "tax and spend," but the current batch of GOP officeholders are "borrow and spend."

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