The Kickoff

November 13, 2006

On whether the Orioles should pursue free-agent outfielder J.D. Drew

Injuries are obviously an issue, and whether he is OK playing left field instead of right field. Things that make me think no are: 1) [Scott] Boras is his agent. 2) He opted out of a [Dodgers] deal that paid him an average of $11 million per season, so exactly how much does he want coming off of a 20-homer season?

Does anyone think he will get more than the $33 million over three years he just walked away from? I would not mind taking a chance on him for a reduced price, but we need to get proven talent for $10-plus million a year.

Boras is one of the most intelligent agents out there. If he opted out of that deal, Boras knows he can get more on the open market. Period. If Carlos Lee is a $15 million-per-year player in this market, Drew must be close.

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