Mike Preston's Report Card

November 13, 2006|By MIKE PRESTON



Steve McNair threw for 373 yards. He was consistent for most of the game, but still has times when he is way off the mark. He didn't have to be precise yesterday because the Titans' cornerbacks were terrible. The safety he took when he mistakenly stepped out of the back of the end zone was inexcusable.

Offensive line


The Ravens gave up only one sack, but there were quite a few times when McNair escaped trouble on his own. It will be interesting to see if this group has improved or has just benefited from playing against subpar talent the past three weeks. It's a combination, but probably more of the latter.

Running backs


What running game? Jamal Lewis had 16 carries for 45 yards and couldn't even find a hole when there was one. The Ravens did a good job of pass blocking, but they need to learn how to keep their feet instead of lunging so much.



This is really a good group. The Ravens aren't spectacular, but good enough so that you can't double-team one receiver consistently because the others can beat you. Derrick Mason had eight catches for 64 yards and Mark Clayton seven for 125. It helped that the Titans' cornerbacks were atrocious.

Defensive line


Tennessee got after this group pretty good and knocked the Ravens off the ball. Tackle Kelly Gregg had a strong first half, getting a lot of penetration. End Terrell Suggs came on in the second half and put a lot of pressure on Titans quarterback Vince Young.



The Titans' offensive linemen were physical in the first half and got into the bodies of outside linebackers Bart Scott and Adalius Thomas. The Titans were successful in running cutbacks against the Ravens. But Thomas and Scott, along with Suggs, took control of the game in the second half.



Titans receiver Drew Bennett had a nice day against cornerback Samari Rolle, and fellow cornerback Chris McAlister had one, possibly two passes, he should have intercepted. The Ravens are still lost as far as pass coverage. They're getting away with it now, but it will eventually catch up with them.

Special teams


Matt Stover, who converted two field goals, has been the Ravens' most reliable player. The Ravens held the Titans down for most of the second half and blocked the attempted game-winning field goal. They still have to do a better job on kickoff coverage.

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