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November 13, 2006|By KEN MURRAY

Bengals bungle

The biggest difference for the Bengals this year is their lack of take-aways. A year ago, their defense had 29 take-aways after nine games. At the same point this year, they have only 14.

Frye picks up a win

Browns quarterback Charlie Frye led the league in turnovers with 16 (12 interceptions) coming into Week 10. He picked up two more - both fumbles - in a win over Atlanta. But he also picked up his first victory over a winning team.

Stay on the ground

After three straight losses, Eagles coach Andy Reid apparently got the message. Notorious for his obsession with the passing game, Reid called 34 runs against the Redskins, and Donovan McNabb threw 26 times with one sack. For the first time in seven games, the Eagles won the time-of-possession battle.

Cheap shot

The helmet-to-helmet hit by San Diego safety Marlon McCree on Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh deserves not only a hefty fine, but also a big-time suspension. McCree hit Houshmandzadeh before the ball arrived on a fourth-quarter pass, knocking him out of the game. It was a blatant cheap shot that gave a huge advantage to the Chargers.

Saints still for real

Despite their loss in Pittsburgh, the Saints continue to look like a playoff team. Not many teams will be able to contain their versatile offense. But the Steelers and Willie Parker also exposed some weaknesses in their defense.

Huard's hiccup

Damon Huard has been phenomenal for the Chiefs since replacing Trent Green, but he didn't help his case for keeping the job in a 13-10 loss to the Dolphins. He was only 15-for-38, throwing more uncertainty into the equation.

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