The Kickoff

November 12, 2006


Predicting today's game between the Ravens and the Titans

It all depends on whether Steve McNair's nerves are tight coming back to Tennessee ... or whether he takes out his frustrations over his last days there and throws for 350 yards. I vote for the latter.

Good morning --Steve McNair--Ravens fans are hoping you haven't mentored Vince Young too well.

Everything points to this one being a letdown game, but I don't think that this horrible Tennessee team could beat even a "letdown" Ravens team.

Look for the Ravens' Jamal Lewis to get 30-plus carries. He will have his best game of the year.

I agree that this is a trap game for the Ravens. Ray Lewis will not be 100 pecent, nor will Ed Reed. Steve McNair will be nervous, as will [fellow former Titans] Derrick Mason and Samari Rolle. But as long as the Ravens don't go in overconfident, they will win.

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