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November 12, 2006


With oil money, new leverage

The increase in oil prices is the common denominator in some of Washington's most implacable foreign-policy challenges. From the U.S. government's perspective, oil money in the hands of unfriendly nations empowers regimes to defy American policy on everything from nuclear nonproliferation to human rights. pg 16a

Hunger adds to AIDS scourge

Starvation and malnutrition are fast becoming the twin perils of the AIDS fight, and doctors say millions of infected people in the developing world are rapidly approaching a tipping point where food will replace drugs as the biggest need. pg 18a


Party challenge for Pelosi

Among the decisions facing Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi, few are trickier than the selection of a leader for the sensitive post of House Intelligence chairman. Many Democrats say her likely pick is Rep. Alcee L. Hastings, a Florida congressman whose personal history could become a political liability for the party. pg 3a

Limitations on health bills

The Democratic takeover of Congress could provide a new push for health care legislation, but passage of such measures is unlikely as long as President Bush is in the White House, analysts said. pg 7a


No-bid contract criticized

When the Baltimore school board awarded a no-bid, $550,000 contract for software to track services for special-education students, officials said they were trying to solve a problem that had gotten them in trouble with a federal judge. But to critics at the state education department, it was one in a string of examples of the board misusing emergency contracts. pg 1b

City brain drain expected

After Mayor Martin O'Malley is sworn in as governor in January, many of the city government's best and brightest are likely to shift into the nearly 7,000 state jobs he will control - a local brain drain that has played out before in Maryland politics. pg 1b


Retailers set their clocks back

Retailers around the country will be opening their doors a minute after midnight on Thanksgiving to get a head start on the holiday shopping season. The strategy is gaining momentum as a way to grab the attention of shoppers who have more choices than ever on the Internet. pg 1a

More choices in drug plans

It's time to sign up again for Medicare's Part D prescription coverage, with enrollment beginning Wednesday. But even if they're happy with their coverage, experts say, seniors should go through the process again. pg 1c


Terps win fifth in row

Despite finishing with just six first downs, No. 23 Maryland took an early 14-point lead and held off Miami, 14-13, in College Park to win its fifth consecutive game. pg 1d


Fault lines in the workplace

In today's multigenerational workplace, baby boomer tenacity doesn't always mesh with Gen Xer's laid-back approach. But the greatest generational divider remains technology, with friction between a generation that's never known life without computers and a generation that's still learning to use them. pg 1n

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