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November 12, 2006

Media bias, GOP to blame for loss

The people of the United States have spoken loud and clear. They want change in Washington, and they will certainly get it ("Democrats sweep both chambers," Nov. 9). Antagonism toward the war in Iraq and dismay about political scandals have taken their toll.

With most of the media sharing the ideals of the Democrats, this decision is certainly understandable. Why be disgusted about a Democratic congressman caught with bribe money in his freezer when the media blare constantly about the GOP "culture of corruption"?

Why bring up that the number of soldiers who think the Iraq war is so worthwhile, and going so well, that their re-enlistment rate is phenomenal, when you can instead show your readers multiple photos of Cindy Sheehan?

And why bring up the fact that it took the Democrats three years to finally come up with their official position on the Iraq war, which was, laughably, that they have no official position? It's much easier to chant that the Republicans don't have a plan.

I don't expect the media to give conservatives a fair shake.

The group I blame most for this congressional overhaul is the GOP itself. For years, Republicans have passively stood by, bemoaning the fact that they aren't given a fair shake in the press, instead of taking this bias head-on as a problem for which they need to figure out a solution.

Jean Palmer


Political mail, calls invade our privacy

I would like to make a public complaint to all the politicians who called or mailed brochures to my home ("Tired of the clutter caused by politics," letters, Nov. 4).

My privacy was invaded and I felt harassed. It was an unwelcome assault on the senses.

Barbara Cunningham


Will Democrats make same mistake?

I am glad the electioneering period is over, and glad that the Democratic Party was such a success ("O'Malley, Cardin declare victory," Nov. 8). But I certainly hope that our new Democratic leadership will not do as President Bush did after his razor-close re-election in 2004, which is to refer to these hair's-breadth election results as "a mandate from the people" to pursue their various agendas without debate, negotiation or compromise.

Clearly, the citizenry is still divided just about down the middle on many issues.

Despite my deep cynicism, I will dare to hope that, this time, our elected officials will remember that the whole idea is about governance. We would all do well to remember that the genuinely best things to do to solve the very complex problems we face will inescapably inconvenience - even hurt - some of us.

I just hope our politicians will be brave and honest enough to admit that to us, and that we will be brave and honest enough to re-elect the ones who are. Only then will we get, instead of the power poker game we have now, real governance.

Marie Armstrong


Sowell distorts record on defense

It never ceases to amaze me how someone clearly so well educated as Thomas Sowell can sound like Henny Penny week after week.

Consider his column "Blank check for Dems" (Opinion

Commentary, Oct. 26), in which he charges the Democrats have "a decades-long history of irresponsibility on national defense."

Have I read the same books that Mr. Sowell has?

What was the last major war we won? World War II. What party was in power for that entire conflict? The Democrats.

What party wanted to stick its collective head in the sand during and leading up to our entry in that war? The Republicans.

What party stood staunchly to fight Communism in Korea, in Europe, in Vietnam from the late 1940s to the 1960s? The Democrats.

No, the Vietnam War wasn't a good idea. No, we didn't win.

But at least we negotiated a withdrawal, which was some kind of exit strategy.

Don Forgione

Ellicott City

Israel's cruelty in Gaza must stop

Since the Israeli "redeployment" from Gaza on Aug. 20, 2005, Israeli occupation troops have killed almost 700 and wounded more than 4,000 Palestinians there ("Israel to continue offensive in Gaza," Nov. 6).

In addition, Israel's closing of the borders on all sides of Gaza has had the effect of promoting starvation there.

Israel has taken advantage of the world's attention being focused on other matters to have a free hand, publicity-wise, to reinvade Gaza, destroying more homes and livelihoods.

It is beyond comprehension that this torture could be inflicted on a people, and still the world stands by, and even supports the oppressor.

Doris Rausch

Ellicott City

Women with disease favor cutting it out

Thank you for The Sun's article on endometriosis ("Teens' back, pelvic pain could be endometriosis," Nov. 3).

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