Katie Schwarzmann, Century, girls soccer

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November 12, 2006|By BILL FREE

Century's Katie Schwarzmann has become one of the leaders on the soccer team despite being a sophomore. The forward-midfielder scored eight goals and had one assist this season, leading the Knights to a 9-6 record. Schwarzmann likes to push the ball upfield and has been a team leader in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse since she began playing the sports as a freshman.

How does it feel to have the respect and admiration of your teammates as a sophomore?

Last year I played with a lot of girls I looked up to. And so I learned a lot of the game from them. ... There's always room for improvement.

Do you prefer forward or midfield?

Either is fine, but I probably prefer midfield because I'm more in the play.

Which sport do you think you have your best future in?

Probably lacrosse. I pursue lacrosse more than any other sport, and I probably put the most time in it. I feel I have more skill in lacrosse than any other sport.

Is it tough finding time to play all three sports?

Yes, it's hard balancing all three. But I probably wouldn't enjoy high school as much because sports give me some time to take a break from schoolwork. I can go home and do it later that night.

Do you ever get tired of practicing?

Yeah, you always do. But you know you have to do it. You're expected to go into every game and play 100 percent. So you have to practice hard.

What's your biggest moment in high school sports?

Winning a state 2A championship last year in lacrosse by beating Pikesville. I felt really good. Like all the hard work throughout the season finally paid off. All those hard practices, running, the Saturday practices all paid off in the end.

How has soccer or sports in general impacted your life?

I love playing all of them. I don't think I would enjoy anything if I didn't play sports.

Are you going to play sports in college?

I hope I can do it. I would choose lacrosse because there's more opportunity.

Is a lack of scoring what takes away from the game of soccer?

Soccer involves a lot more skill, and it's probably harder to score. That's what takes away from the game.

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