Aly Jost, Bel Air, girls soccer

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November 12, 2006

Senior stopper Aly Jost was the unheralded standout of Bel Air High's run to the 3A East regional semifinals. Jost was the defensive field general for the Bobcats, calling out who needed to be marked and what had to be accomplished to tighten up the defense. She played a superb game in a season-opening 2-1 overtime loss to unbeaten No. 2 River Hill, which came back to oust Bel Air, 6-0, from the state regionals last weekend when the Bobcats were playing with three injured starters.

Do you like the idea of running the show on defense?

Yes, I do. I need to make sure everybody has a man, everybody is marked up, just seeing where the ball is, and making sure people are where they need to be. Like all the sports I play [she also plays basketball and lacrosse at Bel Air], I'm able to see the field really well. I play a little bit of both offense and defense. Where my position is, I'm able to go up the field and make some plays.

How many goals did you score this season?

I scored two on free kicks this year from about 30 yards. I generally take all those free kicks in that area.

How discouraging has it been to lose four games by one goal this season, with three of those losses coming to top 10 teams?

It was good for us to see how we could play against these more competitive teams. We showed a lot of potential. So it wasn't as much discouraging as it was motivating - coming that close and seeing what it takes to win those games.

What was the difference between the 6-0 playoff loss to River Hill and the season-opening 2-1 setback in overtime, besides your team missing three injured starters in the playoffs?

We had the potential this year to go a lot farther and do more. It just comes down to who shows up to play, and that night they were the better team. It's not that we weren't up to the challenge. It's just that the right team didn't show up.

What's been the most memorable moment in your high school soccer career?

This year when we played big rival Fallston on Seniors Night and we won on a Friday night. We didn't play Fallston last year because it rained that night and we couldn't reschedule it. So that made it even a bigger game this year and the adrenalin was flowing. We were up for it and it was a great feeling to beat a rival.

Do you ever dream of being a big goal scorer?

I've always played defense since I started in soccer, so goals weren't really that important. They're important because you want to help the team out, but getting an assist is just as good.

Has it sunk in yet that you've played your last high school game?

Not yet. I guess it will once school starts up this week. It will sink in even more when I have to turn my uniform in. It's the last time I will ever wear a Bel Air soccer jersey. I was happy we made it as far as we did.

Is college in your future?

I'm going to Mount St. Mary's and I'm going to play Division I lacrosse. It's not that I like [lacrosse] the best. It's just what I want to continue to play. I'd like to play soccer, but with Division I it's almost impossible to play two sports. But there's always club level and intramurals.


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