Harford History

November 12, 2006

Merchant of Norrisville

Born on Nov. 8, 1851, John W. Strawbridge is cited in his 1897 biography as "one of the foremost merchants of Norrisville."

Strawbridge's parents, Henry and Elizabeth Strawbridge, were farmers. Strawbridge attended the common schools of Harford County and then became a teacher for two years. At the end of that time, he became a merchant.

It was said of Strawbridge: "His establishment is well stocked with an excellent line of goods, and his courtesy and fairness in dealing with his patrons and the reasonable figures at which he disposes of his commodities, have met with substantial returns."

He was named postmaster of Norrisville by President Benjamin Harrison and again by President William McKinley.

[Source: Biographical Record of Harford and Cecil Counties, Maryland; research by Harford County Public Library]

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