Five Things I Have To Have Now


Timothy Dean is a man who knows how to take a risk. Not with his cooking - which is always a good bet - but with his career, which he's been gambling on since the age of 14. The wildly successful Timothy Dean Bistro in Fells Point is his payoff. Now comes a chance to take it to the next level and the next city. Did you hear that, Las Vegas? Chef Dean may be coming to your town soon.

1. A plane ticket to Las Vegas "Hopefully, that's going to be the location for my next restaurant. I'm putting together a plan now and looking for a rep, preferably Adam Block [a super agent for celebrity chefs], to negotiate the deal."

2. Flatware and stemware "We've gone through quite a bit of breakage, and when I added the two new rooms upstairs, I didn't buy new ones."

3. Fishing rod and reel "I got caught on a crab trap and it snapped my line and messed up my reel. I love to catch rockfish. I go down to Solomons Island in the season. It is so relaxing to crack a bottle of wine open and hook a worm."

4. Sofas and chairs "I'm planning on converting one of the private dining rooms into a lounge. Perhaps as early as November."

5. Dinner plates "Something unique with funky, sexy curves. So when we put the food on the plate, it's like art."

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