Comparison-shop by phone

November 12, 2006|By McClatchy-Tribune

Smart consumers know that comparison-shopping saves money, but who has the time?

When you're at the store wondering if you could get that DVD or blender for a cheaper price online, will you really feel like driving back to the store after you find out at home that you can't?

A new free phone service called Frucall is hoping to make your life a little easier in that department. The next time you go shopping, all you need is your cell phone and the number 888- DO-FRUCALL (888-363-7822).

Dial in and speak or type the bar-code number of the item for which you want price comparisons.

The Frucall service searches Amazon, Google, Yahoo and to find out the price ranges for the item on these Web sites.

Best of all, you can get the information within seconds of your search.

Even the most technology-averse customers will find Frucall pretty easy to use.

If you create an account at ahead of time, you can take advantage of some extra features such as getting voice reminders on products you want to buy, stored credit-card information and your search history.

Visit Frucall at

Frucall also provides shipping prices, but advises to take them "with a grain of salt."

While actual item prices were mostly accurate, the shipping cost estimates were off the mark, says.

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